Each year, millions of healthy animals are killed in Australia. Many people decide to bring their unwanted animals to our farm in the hope that we care for them since we have a no kill policy.

Parrot Garden works together with animal welfare groups and shelters and will be able to get connect you with the right organisation to find a rescue animal.

Our sanctuary has from time to time farm animals for adoption:

  • through our private adoption site
  • if our space is limited and
  • if we think you would be able to provide the perfect home to one of our rescue animals.

Why you should adopt?

  • If you would choose to adopt pets in the future, you will help changing the number of animals killed significantly.
  • Adopting an animal is a fulfilling experience.
  • True love is waiting for you. Whether you adopt a kitten, bunny, parrot or farm animal, you have saved a life.

Contact us now and get connected with rescue organisations!

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