To fund the Parrot Garden Sanctuary and AAT program we invite pianists and piano players to use the Parrot Cafe for functions and events.

You are welcome to organize your special piano events and invite visitors.


  • at the Parrot Cafe

Please contact us to book your Grand Piano Concert 4 weeks in advance.

Rent A Grand Piano

We offer discounts for piano teacher or piano players.

Contact us with your request!

Enjoy our piano events

You are welcome to send us a list of your favourite music and we can send your suggestions to our pianist.

What is included:

  • Pizzas, salad, cakes, cookies and drinks of your choice – Please book with us 1 week in advance!



  • Wednesday 7.30 pm
  • Friday 7.30 pm


  • 30,- adults
  • children 3 – 12 years: 25,-

Please note, that we are thankful for every donation which will be used for our animal projects only!

Please be aware, we do have parrots and other animals on our property and can not guarantee no disruptions. But this is the fun part of it – where else in the world can you find a grand piano and parrots in the same place 🙂