The Parrot Garden education program

The Parrot Garden education program features fun, hands-on learning for visitors of all ages and interests.

Kids enjoy our fun hands-on learning programs (and so do adults!).

We are proud to represent Parrot Garden as we help others learn more about fascinating animals, animal welfare and conservation. You are welcome to book your education experience with us or read check our education resource page!

Smoke-Free Workplace and Zoo

Parrot Garden promotes a tobacco smoke free environment in the interests of the health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors, and the health of the environment. Smoking is prohibited within the confines of all Parrot Garden buildings, vehicles and outdoor areas. Parrot Garden volunteers, employees and contractors are prohibited from smoking in the grounds of Parrot Garden or in zoo uniform. Parrot Garden volunteers, employees, contractors and visitors will not be permitted to smoke within a 10 metre distance of the Parrot Garden property.

All staff and volunteers will be trained in how to advise visitors of the smoke-free workplace and how to manage any non-compliance.

Construction and Maintenance Policy

We strive to bring you the best experience at Parrot Garden while providing the best care of our animals and their habitats.

Periodic construction and maintenance are part of this commitment, and occasionally exhibits and facilities may close temporarily for construction or maintenance.

We apologize if any of your favorite exhibits are closed during your planned visit, and we hope that you will still join us for a day of adventure.

Parrot Garden Policies for Animal Keeping

These policies apply to all animals displayed, or kept for display, by Parrot Garden under the Exhibited Animals Protection Act 1986 (EAPA).

General Standards for Exhibiting Animals in NSW


Standards for the Exhibiting Australian Mammals in New South Wales


National Zoo Biosecurity Manual


Australia’s National Zoo Biosecurity Manual Self-audit Checklist


Animal Welfare Position Statement


Code of Practice


Code of Ethics


More Parrot Garden Policies: