Sponsoring an animal is one of the best ways to support Parrot Garden. Not only are you donating to our mission to support animals in need, you’re also the sponsor of an animal of your choice who needs your help.

Without our sponsors the sanctuary Parrot Garden would not be able to rescue as many animals, pay for the vet cost, daily food, straw eg. As you can imagine the animals care costs are consistently high.


  • give us the assurance of being able to determine just how many animals we can help, without risking the health and safety of those that we are already caring for.
  • benefit from watching their animal and enjoy the beautiful hills and paddocks
  • have access to reduced prices in the Parrot Cafe
  • have unlimited private visits (which includes friends and family).
  • receive a digital photo of themselves with their sponsored animal
  • can join us for exclusive sponsor events

Animal Sponsorships make great gifts for everyone who loves animals and the receiver will get a personalized e-card.

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