Act and Care is a organisation which provides support services for the Australian community and esp. autistic children and parents to find a suitable companion animal. Here you’ll find FREE advice on how to select your pet.

Due to increased isolation in the living environment and less social interactions, autistic and disabled people in particular have special needs.

Pets contribute to the overall well-being of individuals as they form fundamental bonds to humans resulting in health, social and economic benefits.
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Volunteers serve important roles at our facilities and in the community. Find an opportunity that’s right for you!

Click here to learn more about our program and the qualification process. Please note that you do NOT have to have an animal in order to become a Volunteer. Everyone is welcome!

Volunteers answer your questions about keeping pets.

  • Consider which type of pet: cat, bird, cats, dog, fish, reptiles.
  • Find a suitable pet for you and your family.
  • Meet our pet consultants.
  • Advice on responsible pet ownership.
  • Pet support programs for disabled people.
  • Raising awareness of the need for pet support programs as an integrated part of overall service delivery to the disabled living at home.
  • Find registered and responsible breeders.