For the best of interest of the animals and safety of all the visitors you are required to follow certain guidelines in Parrot Garden when visiting the zoo.

  • Do not enter the zoo & animal sanctuary without a keeper:

    Please ask one of our team members to enter with you the zoo or book a tour at your arrival.

  • Do not touch any animals:

    Animals can be only touched on a guided tours under close supervision with one of our zoo keepers or if you are participating in animal assisted therapy.

  • Observe all posted safety signs:

    We have some free-roaming animals who are all friendly, but even the best-natured animal may be threatened by a toddler headed straight for her. Please do not allow your children to interact with animals unsupervised!

  • Do not cross or mishandle security fences:

    It is an offence to cross or manhandle security fences. Remember, the fence is meant for the safety of our visitors. Please respect the boundary allocated for the guests to enjoy safety in the zoo.

  • Do not feed animals:

    Animals at the zoo should not be given food that we eat as they are on a special diet with specific amount of nutrients. Do not throw food into enclosures. If you are interested to feed the animals, please buy a specially prepared food packet for the animals from our customer service desk.

  • Consider your footwear before you come

    : if there’s been a lot of rain recently flipflops are not a great choice.

  • Do not smoke:

    For the well-being of the zoo and animal enthusiasts visiting the zoo, Parrot Garden has been made a smoke-free area. Please do not smoke inside its premises.

  • Do not disturb animals:

    When visiting the animals at the enclosures do not tap or bang at the enclosure, wire or glass as noise will disturb and upset them. Observe them from a distance and respect their privacy.

  • Do not mutilate plants:

    Greenery is essential for this historic zoo to survive. Allow the animals to enjoy their habitat in peace and help us maintain the age old trees and beautiful gardens. Do not therefore, climb trees, pluck flowers, or mutilate grass around you.

  • Click photos or videos for personal use only:

    Visitors are allowed to click pictures or take videos of the zoo and the animals. However, please use it for your personal use only.
    If you want to take photographs or shoot videos for commercial purposes, please inform us as you must have the permit for the same.

  • Do not litter:

    To enjoy the zoo, help us to keep it clean. It is an offence to litter. Please use recycled items and put them in the garbage bins after use.

  • Do not bring pets:

    For the best of interest of the animals in the zoo as well as your pet, please do not bring your pet to the zoo.

Apart from the aforesaid points, we expect our visitors to maintain decorum while visiting the zoo & animal sanctuary. If we find any visitor with indecent behaviour, he or she will be escorted out of the zoo. You can contact our customer care personnel if you find anyone breaching this code.

Please also note that we do not provide rain checks. Please understand that animals require rest and may not be in their exhibit area at all times. You may not also see all the animals listed in our brochure when you visit the zoo as their locations can change.

How to get the Best View of the Animals at Parrot Garden

The zoo can be enjoyed if the animals are least disturbed. Visitors can see the animals at our zoo at a close range and even catch some unique moments of the wild animals and birds provided they maintain a proper decorum…

  • Gently approach the enclosure. Sudden movements and noise will startle the animals and they will move away from the exhibit area.
  • Allow privacy and space for the animals. Remember, animals getting their natural habitat and space will be energetic and happy.
  • Talk softly with one another. If you are too loud, the animals will feel disturbed and get anxious.

Prohibited on Parrot Garden Zoo grounds:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Glass bottles
  • Pets
  • Firearms
  • Grills or hibachis
  • Laser pointers
  • Drinking straws
  • Balloons
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, scooters
  • Roller skates, roller skate shoes
  • Strollers with pedals
  • Radios or CD players
  • Remote control cars or drones